LES JAVANAIS: ""The Javanese by Jean Malaquais

LES JAVANAIS: ""The Javanese

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In line with Zola's Germinal, this picture of life in a mine in Southern Mediterranean France, crude, naturalistic, but lacking in power and drama. There is no centralized theme: the book is an attempt to portray the squalid life in a small mine, the Ile de Java, where have-nots of all nationalities are exploited for the benefit of a few. The relationships of the men, the solidarity brought about through poverty, ill-rewarded hard labor, is the focal interest as the novel is a protest against all the ""concentration camps of the world"". A convincing record of a substratum of society, but unfortunately it reflects the dull level of mentality and emotions of the miners, and is rarely holding as a novel.

Publisher: Ã‰ditions DenÖel