ST. FRANCIS XAVIER by Jean-Marc Montguerre


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Short but satisfying is an apt description for this newly translated (from the French) life of the great missionary of all time, St. Francis Xavier. Here in revealing but succinct sidelights the background of the development of this fiery champion of Christ in Asia is sketched masterfully. His success in pagan lands is seen to stem from his affectionate but non-sectarian spirit, peaceful in his faith and in his way of life. Neither a theologian, sociologist, teacher, diplomat nor organizer, he was nevertheless a master of transmitting Christ's message. His greatest gift was that of spiritual direction. There is a true story-telling skill involved in this concise adventure story of one of the most colorful and saintly men of history. This is indeed an achievement in that out of the mass of scholarly and definitive sources (particularly Father Brodrick) the author creates a living, easy-to-read picture of this model for our own time so needed to give body to the drive towards love of all men so recently loosed again by the late Pope John XXIII.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday