I BELIEVE by Jean Mouroux
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This is an excellent translation by Michael Turner of a short theological treatise on the nature of faith by the noted Christian personalist author of The Meaning of Man and Christian Experience. Subtitled, The Personal Structure of Faith, this work approaches the subject in a concrete, existential manner, explaining the character of faith in terms of ""an organic body of personal relations"". It complements the customary abstract discussions of faith in a vital way, offering solutions to certain difficult problems that only a personalist approach seems able to give. An antidote to the mentality engendered by rationalistic apologetics, this volume treats of the testimony, assent, development and problems of faith with exceptional profundity and clarity, rare perceptivity and pregnant economy. It is a timely and successful response to a need felt among thoughtful Catholics today for just such clarifications as the author's Christian personalism allows him to make.

Publisher: Sheed & Ward