THE WONDERFUL FOOD OF PROVENCE by Jean-Noel & Peta J. Fuller Escudier


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After stimulating toil with Pellaprat, David and Childs, the gourmet cook awash in Francophilia will certainly welcome a jaunt to Provence, the Elysian fields of culinary intermingling, where olive oil, garlic and herbs are the benign and guiding influences. This intriguing clutch of recipes is the creation of M. Jean-Noel Escudier known appropriately as M. Provence, and Peta J. Fuller has translated, annotated and otherwise enlivened the original La Veritable Cuisine Provencale which appeared in France in 1953. Wisely exhibiting not a whit of concern about ""quick methods"" and availability of supplies, Mrs. Fuller faithfully sets down mortar and pestle directions; calls for the minced chervil, the fresh thyme, pine huts. Nevertheless, even through an armchair reading, the character of Provencal cookery--delicate, aromatic, light yet full-bodied--is evident. Attractively and intelligently arranged, temptingly within the reach of a careful, imaginative cook, this is a necessary adjunct to the French cookery shelf.

Pub Date: Nov. 7th, 1968
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin