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Further results of public opinion testing, these studies (under various authorship) take up certain aspects of common media of communication, radio, newspaper, magazines. The first section which is concerned with the impact of the comics on children, breaks down the types of comics, types of reaction to them, and concludes that they answer more vital a need than did the fairy tales of a generation ago, and assesses parental attitudes, largely disapproving, and their ambiguous handling of the situation. Next they turn to radio, types of programs, audiences, sponsorship; newspapers and magazines -- with analysis of reader habits; cultural levels. Two shorter studies are directed at prejudice, and at community influence, and the concluding sector analyzes radio abroad, chiefly in the USSR. ...Interesting though perhaps for a specialized audience. The whole subject of public opinion testing is before the bar of public opinion; perhaps this makes a positive contribution to what it is achieving.

Pub Date: May 11th, 1949
Publisher: Harper