HOT NUMBERS by Jean Simpson


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Another book for those who fantasize that but for a spin of the wheel their lives might have taken a different turn. Ruth Montgomery, Jess Steam, and Sidney Omarr have already given us versions of numerology. Simpson, a professor at California State University and a designer and columnist for The Star, presumes to give the reader an easier format. Numerology, for the uninitiated, is based upon the concept that everyone has certain numbers resident in their names and birthdates that provide a clue to their prospective successes or failures in career, love, sex, etc. Simpson advises that in order to determine those numbers, only the exact format of one's name as it appears on the birth certificate counts (parents' illiteracy obviously playing a part in one's future circumstances). Take heart, though, if you're a junior or a II, III, or IV. In that case, Simpson advises, ""judge for yourself which version best describes you."" Sure. After a short section in which Simpson demonstrates how to arrive at your name, personality, and heart numbers (bring your calculator), Hot Numbers devolves into a horoscopal-type linking of ""The Name #1 Woman and the Name #5 Man,"" ad nauseam. Rainy day fun.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1986
Publisher: Crown