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There is a sense of excitement and immediacy in this re-enactment of a score of skin diving adventures- for the authors not only love the sea,- they respect its might and fear its dangers. The stories they tell are therefore threaded with a realistic awareness of the underwater adventurer's remarkable courage as well as his frailties and limitations. The reader is first submerged into the diver's world via some thrilling underwater hunting expeditions. He then follows the SCUBA Diving Squad into a Michigan lake where they uncover evidence to convict a pair of criminals. Some divers have even gone prospecting for gold in the icy waters of a mountain river, others have been inspired by the sheer beauty of the coral reefs in the Florida Waters and many more have gone on underwater archaeological expeditions. Here are the fascinating stories of Port Royal, a city submerged in the seventeenth century, of the national treasure buried by an unseated dictator off the Bahamas, of the frogmen of World War II. A mixture of straight exposition and dramatization proves effective in each case. With a final word to the wise novice stressing the real dangers of skin diving,- namely man's ""inexperience, ignorance and carelessness"", a fascinating account is concluded.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1962
Publisher: Lippincott