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CAT CALLS by Jeanne Adlon


Wonderful Stories and Practical Advice from a Veteran Cat Sitter

by Jeanne Adlon , Susan Logan

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7570-0344-8
Publisher: SquareOne Publishers

An ebullient paean for felines, complete with true stories and practical advice from veteran cat sitter and expert Adlon and Cat Fancy Magazine editor Logan.

Endorsed by Garfield creator Jim Davis, this debut is a cat lover’s paradise. Adlon’s spent 35 years as the first full-time cat sitter in the “city that never sleeps,” and she’s picked up enough experiences along the way to fill nine lives—e.g., the time John Lennon visited her gift shop to buy a cat tree, paying with cash and telling Adlon to “keep the change.” It wasn’t his last visit either, as he returned to the shop with wife Yoko in tow several times. The author’s whimsical voice guides readers through tales long and short, such as how she braved summer heat and blackouts, winter storms, a tarantula and even her own claustrophobia to cater to the whims of her finicky, furry clients. Adlon’s “distinctive feline” stories are touching highlights meant to impart lessons to readers, such as the story of Reggie, a cat who came to say goodbye to his owner before peacefully passing away in his sleep. It’s obvious that Adlon and Logan love their subject—gender pronouns are alternated throughout the book, but the word “it” is never used in reference to cats. In addition to plenty of life lessons, the book is brimming with helpful cat-care advice, touching on myriad topics including adoption, preparing the home for a cat, pet health tips and what to do when kitty stops using the litter box.

For all things feline, this one is a cat lover’s fancy.