ALL AROUND YOU by Jeanne Bendick
Kirkus Star


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The first ""why, what and how"" questions are bound to be big ones -- about the sun, the moon, wind, clouds, animals, and other natural phenomena-and Jeanne Bendick anticipates these questions and answers them in unaffected, simple prose. This is indeed an exciting ""first look at the world"" the sky, with sunshine, rain, snow, clouds and stars; the earth with water, soil, its busy underground, plants and animals; and miracles like the seasonal changes, the growing process and the which keep us in contact with the world. On each page the illustration by the author keep pace with the text:- a crocodile writhes across the page: a gi thoughtfully peers over the top; leaves flutter down the margins, and throughout drawings and diagrams dramatize the text. As exhilarating as Saturday mornings in spring with an invitation to experience, observe and investigate the wonderful world in which we live. An important addition to the home and elementary school natural science library and for second and third year readers.

Publisher: Whittlesey