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THE W BOOK by Jeanne Beveridge


About People and Their Jobs

by Jeanne Beveridge

Pub Date: March 19th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1469941172
Publisher: CreateSpace

A straightforward text designed to help ESL students learn the language and culture associated with many American jobs.

Beveridge, a certified ESL instructor, compiled her first book in response to requests from many English language learners who wanted to know more about the American workforce. She consulted a diverse range of more than 100 people in North America about their lines of work. She asked each person six simple questions: What their job entails, where they do it, when they work, why they chose it, which part is their favorite and finally, “Who are you?” Each profession is revealed on the opposite page. Beveridge copied each answer exactly as it was given to her, which conveys to students a realistic conversational tone. The book is divided into 17 different job categories including Art, Manufacturing, Medical, Office and Travel. By reading each job description answered in informal English, students not only learn about an assortment of professions but also improve their conversational vocabulary. Additionally, students will gain a deeper understanding of American culture by learning the many reasons why many people do what they do—a strong desire to help people (firefighter) or wanting to have the summers off for traveling (teacher)—and their favorite parts, such as an early morning ride when the sun comes up (cyclist) or knowing they don’t have to work overtime (secretary). Since they remain consistent from person to person, the questions act as a controlled variable, which is helpful for learning a new language. The book’s simple layout allows for many opportunities for classroom use, but it would be equally valuable for independent study.

Simple and casually informative.