LADY CAT LOST by Jeanne Dixon


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A droopy, shapeless story--dependent, moreover, on one after another unlikelihood. Dad has just walked out, so the four remaining Fergussons set off from California--with their two cherished Siamese cats--for Mrs. F.'s mother's farm in Montana. But not only is the place deserted, it's about to be demolished (for a housing development) and Grandma has vanished: neither she nor the children's mother, it seems, was given to writing letters. And in the ensuing upheaval, 12-year-old loner Kenneth's special Siamese, Lady Cat, disappears--presumably, into a ""haunted"" cave (which delays the search for her until the end of the book). Meanwhile 10-year-old eccentric Oona is moping for her own reasons: nobody likes her--now, not the (turnabout) granddaughter of the good-hearted folks who take the Fergussons in. Finally, to make everybody sorry, Oona goes into the cave, gets lost, and repents (""Even if nobody loved her, she could have learned to love them""). Sympathetic Kenneth, looking for her, gets lost and finds Oona, Lady Cat, and the skeleton of the ""ghost."" The not-so-awful developer finds them. And Grandma writes from Arizona, promising half the money she got for the farm so they can buy a house. It just doesn't wash-and it just doesn't matter.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1981
Publisher: Atheneum