SIERRA SUMMER by Jeanne Loisy


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In translation from the Spanish, this is somewhat similar in character to Don Tiburcio's Secret (Pantheon- 1960)-- a little mystery and muy local color to emphasize the regional character of the setting which is the primary strength of the book. Isabel, thirteen, and her close friend Pill, live on a sheep farm at the foot of the Sierra Morena. Isabel is happy to drop her Latin lessons which she does not amo- amas- amat, and she goes to spend a summer high in the Sierras with Pila, and her shepherd father. They have trouble-- counting sheep; some have obviously been stolen; then there's the bandit, Martin, who is easily rehabilitated; and finally the evidence that their father's friend, Don Miguel, is the thief.... American readers will find it pleasant enough if placid.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1965
Publisher: Follett