THE BEAUTY TRAP by Jeanne Rejaunier


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'Beautiful. . . yes. That's how it is when two boys find each other. It makes up for so much ugliness, doesn't it?' Rex thought of all the rough trade he'd been exposed to, and of how long he had waited for someone like Tom, who had magic and gentleness coupled with violence and bestiality, and who did things just right. Rex found himself aroused and was about to confess his heightened state when the intercom buzzed. 'I'll see you at seven,' Rex said, his voice low and husky. 'And promise me one thing. . . ?' 'Yes luv?' 'Wear those luscious tight jockey shorts when you open the door for me, will you, dearest?' 'I will! Oooh, darling, hurry over, I can hardly wait for it.'"" Rex is just one of the beautiful people you'll be trapped by in this overexposed 8 x 10 portfolio of the modeling game. There's not a dirty old man or a wicked young woman unfondled but ""That's what modeling was all about. Triviality."" The banal bombshell of the year.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1969
Publisher: Trident