ALWAYS, KAREN by Jeanne Walker


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Always, Karen"" is the way Karen -- who died of leukemia after a short contest aginst the disease -- signed her last letter from up there to the young man she had planned to marry. In between her mother records the other communiques which came through in sittings with a Reverend Daisley in which Karen seemed to be reading everyone's mind. She was also very specific (the squeak in her former bed; her father's refusal to drink anything but Yuban coffee) as well as affirmative on the ""concentric worlds,"" earthly and eternal, on the fact that ""loved ones live"" on; she had strong opinions on the issues of suicide, euthanasia, abortion. . . . The celestial dicte is sweet and sensible and there are always, others.

Pub Date: March 14th, 1975
Publisher: Hawthorn