HOOSIER CITY: Story of Indianapolis by Jeannette Covert Nolan

HOOSIER CITY: Story of Indianapolis

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Miss Nolan has done a good job with difficult material -- the human story of the making of a city. She has told her history through successive people who created and directed it. She has avoided making her text a guide book. But it is hard to see wherein lies any possibility -- outside of supplementary reading -- of making this sort of book of particular interest to a general market outside its own obvious locale. This is the first of a new series, biographies of American cities. There are cities whose story is so dramatic that they have general appeal. But Indianapolis -- even after reading this text which assuredly makes the city more interesting than it has seemed previously, to an ""outlander"" -- Indianapolis is not one of those. From trail blazing and deliberate selection of a site for a capital city, the story goes through all phases of the country's history, a sounding board for mood and tempo and period, with its seamy side not glossed over, with its colorful figures given full play, figures prominent in history, in politics, in art and literature..In the effort to keep it from being too much a chronological history, she has fallen into the mistake of assuming too much history background. Definitely a book to be used -- in school libraries and public libraries -- along with history and geography, progressively taught.

Publisher: Messner