THIS SAME FLOWER by Jeannette Covert Nolan


Age Range: 1911 - 1912
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Continuing the story of Sidney Cameron (begun in Gather Ye Rosebuds -- 1946) when she leaves her Indiana home to become a secretary in Chicago, working for Mrs. Yenowine, head of the Women's League and an ardent, theoretical feminist (if not always such a practicing one). At her boarding house, Sidney collects a beau, Max, scandalizes her landlady and other roomers by her job and her part in the suffragette activities; she becomes friends with an ex-prostitute, falls in love with eligible, but engaged, Tom, and manages to stare down all gossip until she is arrested and jailed when supporting a militant votes-for-women organizer. That and the pageant for the League, the loss of her job, bring a properly happy ending to her embryonic career. Pleasant 1911-1912 shenanigans among the ladies trying to emancipate their sex, this is gently amusing period stuff.

Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts