A GIRL LIKE ME by Jeannette Eyerly


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It could happen to you too is the pointedly warning message of this book which uses much the same proof Josephine Kamm's Young Mother did, but does so much more sensitively and convincingly. Cass is the nice, attractive, intelligent, popular high school girl who becomes pregnant, is pretty well abandoned by everyone including her family, the boy friend who had claimed he wanted to marry her, and her girl friends. The exception is Robin James, the one girl who stands by Cass and comes to visit her at the home for unwed mothers. The story is from Robin's point of view, and somehow seeing the situation through her eyes helps to heighten the shock. Robin first became friendly with Cass when Cass fixed her up with Randy Griffin. Although Robin was inexperienced and unable to cope with her dates with Randy the attraction was strong, and the relationship clearly getting out of control when Mr. and Mrs. James forcefully intervened. Robin's gradual awareness of how close she had come to Cass' predicament is brought home when she starts investigating the identity of her real mother (another good woman led astray). The obvious morality of the story is balanced out with very real teenage characters, and the very capable handling of Robin's and Randy's dates together. Somewhat more than a do-good soap opera from one of the better writers for teenage girls.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1966
Publisher: Lippincott