GRANDMOTHER by Jeannie Baker


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Grandmother's house is a homey one indeed, and Baker's textured collages give the impression of ""real"" nubby carpet, weathered wood, and crinkly leather chair. You might expect the three bears to pop into that empty parlor, but instead we have a little girl (in a similarly textured knit sweater) visiting grandmother. The two walk among stone statues in a jungle-like garden; they feed the birds and take Grandmother's wash from the line; they drink chocolate and tea and start to knit a ""scarf of rainbows."" (This last, of course, brings several balls of colored yarn into the picture.) ""I love my grandmother,"" reads the last sentence--the falsest note of all, as Baker's tricky pictures call such attention to the artifice that the intrusion of human emotion seems bizarre.

Pub Date: March 19th, 1979
Publisher: Deutsch--dist. by Elsevier/Dutton