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by Jeannie Baker ; illustrated by Jeannie Baker ; photographed by Jaime Plaza

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-5362-0539-8
Publisher: Candlewick Studio

Inspiration and education for making collages at home.

Collage artist Baker combines suggestions about process and materials with representations of her own finished pieces to tempt readers into the creative world of collage. Photographs showing a technique of brushing glue onto a surface and then pressing sand onto it are just as beguiling as sumptuous spreads of “kitchen materials” (eggshell, spices, seeds, herbs), “nature materials” (lichen, leaves, grasses, barks), and “beach materials” (driftwood, bleached bones, tumbled glass, gravel, shells). Baker’s own finished collages, reproduced in Plaza’s photographs, are colorful and brimming with textures. Most are abstract, though one of sky and clouds features a gorgeous use of corrugated cardboard to represent a window. The inspiration here lies in the photographs’ glossy beauty, the vast options laid out for materials, and the ideas for conceptual process. There’s no exact instruction about how to glue such unwieldy stuff as fungi, sea sponge, or “marine gastropod eggs,” and although the text guides budding artists to avoid “anything still living,” information for discerning what’s alive must be sought elsewhere. The target audience’s age is fluid: Suggestions to use scalpels, superglue, and a light box—plus a suggestion to build a plywood frame—imply older readers than do notes to secure adult supervision when using plain scissors. Some recommended techniques take two to three weeks.

Missing a few how-to tidbits but gorgeous and visually inspirational.

(introduction) (Nonfiction. 8-12)