HOW TO PAY ZERO TAXES by Jeff A. Schnepper


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Don't set too much credence in the promise of the title--it's not easy to make taxes disappear unless, possibly, you combine unemployment compensation, recompense for a lost limb, and nuptials at year's end. (Some tax games aren't worth the candle.) But tax lawyer Schnepper (Inside IRS, 1978) has put together a solid manual limited only by incomplete integration of the new 1981 tax law. It bangs away assiduously--from nontaxable receipts to tax credits, from alimony to zero bracket amounts (with more than a nod to the realities of tax shelters). Major and minor rules, together with suggested stratagems and examples, are generally stated accurately and fully. There's more on child care or medical expenses than on capital gains, a tilt most high-priced pros would find a tad plebeian. But ""Sophisticated planning"" is the byword. What's disconcerting--apart from some minor errors--is the use of examples based on last year's law and the need to turn to a late chapter, where the provisions of the new law are summarized, to check Schnepper's statements throughout. This may be acceptable in a preparation guide; it is less so in a planning primer. So the reader looking for one-stop service will do better with William Post's How to Really Benefit From the New Tax Laws (1981, p. 1508). Almost anyone, however, will benefit from some of Sehnepper's tax-saving savvy.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1982
ISBN: 0071546154
Publisher: Addison-Wesley