BASEBALL BROTHERS by Jeff & Rick Rael Rubin


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James and Clarence, two broadly sketched kids who would be hard to tell apart if one weren't wearing a baseball cap, spend so much time putting each other on about James' fa-a-ag arm as a pitcher and Clarence's ba-a-ad hitting that they arrive too late to get tickets for Henry Aaron's last game of the season. But wait: ""Mister! Hey, mister! Can you pick up our ball? Hey, Mister! James! That's Henry Aaron! He threw the ball to me!"" And before you can say Hammerin' Hank the two boys are rapping with their hero on TV and watching the game from the press box. There's not a curve in the story and the happy outcome hangs on a dubious point (you'd expect Clarence at least to notice that the mister he ""hey's' is in a player's uniform), but James and Clarence's conversation, mixing some easy signifyin' with data on the superstar, offers real-life wish fulfillment for beginning readers who don't identify with talking animals or cuddlier friendships.

Pub Date: Aug. 9th, 1976
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard