BEYOND APOLLO by Jeff Sutton
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Apollo at Go--1963, p. 1032(J-310) was a particularly effective narrative about the first lunar landing. Beyond Apollo shows man a little further in his ""inch by inch, step by step"" conquest of Space. This is about the landing of the first manned moon station. Based on current technological knowledge as well as enlightened supposition, this reads as realistically as the countdown from Cape kennedy sounds. The crew, led by Martin Clay, are wonderfully believable types in their doubts and their determination when faced with ""the chance world"" where ""the only predictable was that of the unpredictable."" The many unpredictable operational here will keep the reader in suspense from take off to touch down--death, mechanical breakdown, tricky surface areas, accidents. Good dialogue, excellent landscapes earthside and above, and a wealth of feasible facts. All system go with this one.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1966
Publisher: Putnam