THE MISSILE LORDS by Jefferson Sutton


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Corporation ploys and in-fighting but with a startlingly different product a gigantic missile yclept the Monarch and referred to intently as ""the bird"". Except for occasional glimpses of the silver monster in production, the focus is on the boys behind the old public relations desk, for there are many battles to fight on the home front -- angling for a contract against the probings of a Congressman Slater, sold on solid fuel vehicles; striking out at competition; and selling hard and true the idea that the Monarch is a ""super"" missile, more powerful and able to be launched at sea. Caught up in the forward plunge is Jim Elliott, believing in ""the bird"" in spite of his girl warnings; and watching various members of the company team fight for the job once held John Vroman, the company's PR and Advertising Director. In the race are a faling, hard working adman, an unscrupulous operator, Garfield; competent Henderson, involved with the boss' wife, and in the midst is Roland Bergstrom, setting the balance and pace. right to the pad where the blessed bird blows to smithereens, and in the rocket's glare Jim for more pastures and Henderson gets the nod. Competent but earnest, and one wishes that the chilling notion of admen like these selling- and to some creating on weapons of total destruction was given more imaginative and original treatment. Grey in space. There will be very heavy publisher promotion.

Publisher: Putnam