THE KING LIVETH by Jeffery Farnol


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An England harried by heathen Danes in 878, with King Alfred reported dead, and people and country open to penetration, forms the setting for this story in the usual Farnol style, with more substance than his recent work has evinced. Ranulph, Earl and Thane of the King, encounters Morwenna, the King's ward, protects her and finds his master. He joins Alfred to drive the pagans from England, collecting a loyal band, organizing raids and guerilla sorties. Alfred faces all dangers, demanding nothing of others he cannot do himself; he taunts the Danish leader, Guthrum, and leads him into a trap from which the English emerge victorious. Ranulph, saving Morwenna from a traitors' stronghold, returns in time to be with Alfred at the rout of the Danes. Guthrum becomes a Christian and is used by Alfred in uniting the country...Picture of England's legendary king, his real contributions towards saving his country through warfare and education, and protecting her against invaders.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1944
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran