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RESTORE MY SPIRIT, O GOD by Jeffery J. Horacek


Inspiration for Regaining What's Been Lost

by Jeffery J. Horacek

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-64299-976-1
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

A month-by-month Christian-themed devotional that aims to reinvigorate readers’ personal faith.

This second book in optometrist Horacek’s (Renew My Heart, O God, 2017) Renew Devotional Trilogy furthers the intent of the series to offer readers a devotional for use alongside the Bible each and every day to increase one’s spiritual connection: “Since the Garden of Eden,” Horacek writes, “our spirits have become separated from God, and we must reconnect with God in body, soul, and spirit, or we will never be complete or exist as our Creator intended for us to fully be.” The goal of the author’s trilogy, and of the present volume, is to facilitate this through a series of back-to-basics faith observations and practices. He clearly presents them in well-designed chapters that are structured around a series of broad concepts, such as humility, worship, and wisdom. In every chapter, Horacek is plainspoken and uncompromising as he evokes the duties of faithful Christians: “Peace will only rule in your heart and mind when your spirit rules over your body and soul,” the author writes, and just as the spirit should rule the body, he asserts, so too should the divine rule the personal. The faithful are also reminded to “bend the knees frequently and bow low before God in worship.” The author’s spiritual ruminations are engagingly wide-ranging, touching on everything from spiritual gifts to fasting to the controversial debate over the historicity of Jesus; on the latter point, the author wisely writes, “History can only assert His humanity. Faith must assert His divinity.” Some claims, such as those regarding the effectiveness of faith healing, will likely give nonbelievers pause. However, the target audience of fundamentalist Christians may welcome the book’s cleareyed advice.

A comprehensive and intellectually curious religious guidebook.