A RECIPE FOR MURDER by Jeffrey Ashford


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When the sneaky affair between married Julian (nÉ Bert) Powell and married Avis Scott goes sour, Avis threatens to tell all to Julian's wife Judith, using a necklace Powell gave her as proof. So Powell, low-born and insecure, hires his slimy, shady brother Reginald to break into rich Avis' home and grab the incriminating necklace (Reginald can keep all the other jewelry he finds). But the robbery goes wrong, Avis is killed, Reginald fakes her death as drowning, and suspicion falls on Avis' innocent writer-husband Kevin--especially since Avis' insanely devoted chum Fiona keeps screaming that Kevin is having an affair with nice Jane Ballantyne (he isn't). So Detective Inspector Kelly starts building a case against Kevin. . . until Powell is murdered too (by terrified Reginald, of course), and the truth comes to light. Quick, easy reading, but awfully bland and predictable stuff from the usually more inventive Mr. Ashford.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1980
Publisher: Walker