GRAND PRIX MONACO by Jeffrey Ashford


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Dick and Guido. . . David and Goliath? The idea's not ours, there's a simpatico blonde who comes right out and says it, but the situation's set up from the start, at Silverstone. Count Guido Paradusa, rich, renowned and driving for Ferrari, shunts upstart Dick Knox, in a ""homemade lash-up of a ca"" off the track; the crash wipes out independent mechanic Harry Chambers' investment but not his faith in Dick. They're ready to try again at Monaco, where Dick must first qualify for one of the three uninvited places, then pit his superior skill against Guido's (and the others') superior resources and speed for the Grand Prix. One big break makes Dick the front runner, another the could-be-fatal crash of a friend takes him out altogether. He saves Marcellin at the cost of the race, gains not only respect but also a chance to join a team and another chance at Guido. Small print and long, slow stretches will deter many boys and the plot's expendable, but when every curve is crucial, the technique and timing are perfect; so, of course, are Dick's, and it helps if you know what he's doing.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Putnam