GUILT WITH HONOR by Jeffrey Ashford


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Ashford's adventurous hero this time is Bob Howe--a likable, stubborn race-car driver who, as a superstar, has moved from humble beginnings into very select circles. Thus, Bob finds himself the guest of Lord Winbush for a day's shooting. . . when the shooting party is suddenly shot at by an unhinged fellow named Albert Roland, who's killed in a car crash soon after the getaway. At whom was Roland shooting? Everyone, including the police, is sure that the target was Prince George, royalty from some unnamed country. But Howe is convinced that a giant coverup is in the works (the shooting party also included a big industrialist and an anti-pornography crusader)--so he starts an investigation which leads to chases, scandals, crashes, and Mallorca. Despite a slew of unconvincing motivations along the way: a fast, rousing tale in the reliable Ashford mode.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1982
Publisher: Walker