OEHOLD ON ZEN by Jeffrey Swann


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Another look at Zen Buddhism as reflected through the evangelical eyes of esterner; neither scholarly nor systematic, it's all rather sing-song inspirational, but every now and then its pages well up with a freshness and fervor of sorts, appealingly personal from an author apparently young. Anyway, are you looking for a signpost? Then ""discover that we ourselves are our own signpost, that we are with us""; ""life is wholehearted"", therefore one must open to all life, one must plunge into its total process. The enemy of existence is ego, the way not aggression but acceptance, not fragmentations of the psyche such as ego drives and defenses but constant face to face union with all our inadequacies, all our contradictions. The nature of Zen is Nature; as the sages say, ""Be humble and remain entire!""; in ""the timeless now"", complete vulnerability is invulnerable; therein ies your freedom. These mystical measurements and simple-minded paradoxes are reated without any philosophical or theological distinction whatever, and the centuries-old paraphernalia of good and evil is awesomely absent, too. Still as one-man's-Zen introduction it has its points and pleasures.

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