TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT: A Personal Look at the Advice Business by the Man Who Replaced Ann Landers by Jeffrey Zaslow

TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT: A Personal Look at the Advice Business by the Man Who Replaced Ann Landers

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Life as a neophyte advice columnist, by the male half of the team that replaced Ann Landers on the Chicago Sun-Times after she defected to that city's Tribune. A former Wall Street Journal reporter who won the Landers slot via a much-ballyhooed talent contest, Zaslow has evidently brought considerable panache to the personal-advice business. Troubled folk who leave recorded messages on ""all that Zazz's"" 24-hour hotline may find themselves chatting with Zaslow himself. He consults not only with the usual experts but also with a ""Regular Joe"" advisory board: 26 Josephs and Josephines who, as taxi drivers, barbers, teachers, etc., deal regularly with the public and who pass on insights on common and uncommon problems. Zaslow also gets grist for special problems by dining at the tables of readers who answered his request for invitations. He's broken bread with a family of seven deaf-mutes, with another family rearing a charming 19-year-old boy paralyzed since birth by spina bifida, and with a group of college honor students heartily sick of the ""idealistic"" stance of their parents' baby-boomer generation. Most of the book is devoted to reprints from his columns: questions and answers for women seeking insights into the male psyche; for men confused or angered by women's recently acquired sense of empowerment; for terrified pregnant teen-agers; for husband-wife and in-law problems; for those suffering from angst over computer-addicted boyfriends, or telephone party line-addicted teen-agers; and so on. A treat for advice-column addicts wishing a peek behind the scenes, and for those interested in what's on America's mind.

Pub Date: Jan. 19th, 1989
Publisher: Morrow