MIDNIGHT WALTZ by Jennifer Blake


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Amalie Declouet, orphaned Creole artistocrette, has found security and luxury in an arranged marriage to handsome Julien, master of the Belle Grove plantation in 1850s Louisiana. Unfortunately, however, what she hash't found is connubial consummation--since Julian is a no-show in the sack. And Amalie, mightily confused (is it her fault?), is further disturbed by the lecherous advances of plantation-foreman Patrick Dye. . . and by her own steamy attraction to Julien's cousin Robert Farnum, a neighboring landowner. Then, suddenly, in nightly boudoir darkness, Amalie receives husbandly visits from a newly ardent spouse--who provides a super deflowering and several sweaty follow-ups! What has brought about this change in Julien? Or could it be. . . Yes, indeedy, Amalie eventually realizes that it's cousin Robert who's been ""melting her very bones with desire"" in the dark!! Furthermore, hubby Julien has been a conspirator in this sordid substitution scheme--intended to produce an heir for Belle Grove. So Amalie is furious at both men, until Robert convinces her that he really adores her. Now, however, Julien disappears, the victim of foul play; Amalie and Robert suspect each other of murderous doings; Amalie, who's pregnant, learns Julien's sexual secret (the obvious); and she'll be abducted by the real villains--before the inevitable rescue (amid a flood-disaster finale) and passionate fadeout. Dippy-dumb plotting--even by bodice-ripper standards--and uninspired ladlings of not-so-soft-core porn.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1984
ISBN: 0759257892
Publisher: Ballantine