CAN YOU FIND ME? by Jennifer Dewey


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In picture-book format, a compilation of ways that animals use protective coloration to avoid being eaten, catch their prey, or protect their young. Neither the brief text nor the colorful but clumsy illustrations here convey adequate information. In describing spiders' defenses, Dewey says: ""Orb spiders spin beautiful webs. The webs' patterns match those of the spiders themselves."" But spiders do not resemble their webs, while the accompanying illustration shows a ""marbled spider"" in a web so clumsily built that no orb spider would claim it. Sometimes Dewey also loses sight of her topic, settling for a cuddly description of baby mice ""tuck [ed] close against their mother's side. . .safe from enemies."" The author concludes with people using camouflage lot war, to catch prey and to avoid evil spirits. To compare the natural coloration of a snake with the ceremonial paint of a Pueblo dancer, however, does not contribute to young children's understanding of the topic. No clues given for size or range; no scientific names; no index.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1989
Page count: 40pp
Publisher: Scholastic