RESONANCE by Jennifer  Greenhall


From the "Resonance" series, volume 1
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A young woman skilled in astral projection falls in love while a secret war brews in this urban paranormal fantasy novel.  

Sophia Walsh, 25, is in her fourth year as an “astral projection specialist” at San Diego Consulting Corporation in the Psi Solutions Division. She uses her paranormal abilities mostly for government clients, to help collect intelligence, rescue hostages, and find missing persons. Sophia also has some telepathy and occasional precognitive dreams, though it’s her twin brother, Thomas, who’s the real telepath. A new employee at SDCC is Nate Barclay, best friend of Sophia’s ex-fiance. The two soon feel a strong mutual attraction that becomes deep and passionate. Meanwhile, though, tragedy strikes when Sophia’s mentor is murdered. Disturbing evidence arises that someone has been interfering with Sophia’s and other psychics’ precognitive abilities while also placing them under electronic surveillance; suspicion falls on John, boyfriend to Sophia’s best friend and co-worker, Diana. Telepathic and other investigation reveals John had disguised his true identity and is part of a mysterious organization. A confrontation with him yields explosive information about a secret worldwide power struggle brewing among psychics—but are Sophia and friends on the right side of it, and can John be trusted? In her debut novel, Greenhall combines steamy, well-written romance with intelligently handled paranormal and thriller elements. Scenes of Sophia at work are especially effective, giving readers insight into the several ways her gift provides essential information. It makes sense that other, shadowy forces might be arrayed against official government contractors, and Greenhall sets several factors into play: An innovative gamma-ray headset, for example, could prove vital. But, perhaps because future books in the series are planned, many pages are spent on inessential details. Also, despite their abilities, Sophia and Nate are cut from the standard romantic cloth: two hot young people hot for each other with conventional obstacles (she’s guarded; he’s quick to be jealous). Their erotic relationship is the book’s centerpiece but far less interesting than the barely-getting-started thriller plot.

Intriguing and well-crafted but frustratingly slow.

Pub Date: March 16th, 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9998166-0-8
Page count: 329pp
Publisher:  Forward Progress Media, Inc.
Program: Kirkus Indie
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