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Stop Hoping... Start Hunting! by Jennifer Kristen Hill

Stop Hoping... Start Hunting!

A Job Seeker's Guide to Finding Their Job

by Jennifer Kristen Hill

Pub Date: Sept. 3rd, 2013
ISBN: 978-0986041600
Publisher: J. Hill Publishing

This debut guide by career coach and recruiter Hill provides a strategy for finding that perfect job despite high unemployment and an uncertain economy.

Hill begins by offering a few thoughts on why people might want to consider moving to a new position and why those who have been laid off might see it as a blessing, despite the difficulties of the “jobless recovery.” She then lays out a path for job seekers, starting with a plan for determining the elements of an ideal job. She describes how to use networking, including social media, to expand the job search, and she discusses the pros and cons of using recruiters. From there, her book moves on to the basic aspects of job hunting, such as designing a powerful resume, acing the interview process, and how and when to negotiate a job offer. She veers away from standard job-hunting advice by stressing the importance of mind over matter, and by explaining how the right (or wrong) attitude can make a huge difference to potential employers: “Your perspective and attitude are just as important as how strong your resume is or what you do or do not say in an interview.” The book is spiced with amusing anecdotes from Hill’s experiences as a recruiter, including one about a candidate who had explained in a job interview that she left her last job at a law office because she’d slept with all the attorneys. Much of what Hill teaches is common sense, but as she points out, a remarkable number of people seem to suffer from a lack of common sense when they’re in the midst of a frenzied job search. She also provides useful tips for specific challenges, including sample answers to difficult interview questions and ways to put a positive spin on unfortunate episodes from previous jobs. Hill’s optimistic tone is a relief; she admits there are immense challenges to finding a job, but she’s confident they can be overcome.

Hill knows her stuff, and her book is likely to be useful and uplifting for anyone struggling to find a job.