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WHITE HOT KISS by Jennifer L. Armentrout


From the Dark Elements Trilogy series, volume 1

by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Age Range: 12 - 18

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-373-21110-4
Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Yes, it’s another novel about exotic paranormal hybrids, but this one’s written with wry humor that seeps into nearly every sentence, making it constantly entertaining no matter its subject.

Layla is half Warden, gargoylelike creatures aligned with angels who roam cities slaughtering demons. She’s also half demon. Layla has been crushing on Zayne, a Warden who lives in their communal home, but knows she can’t ever kiss him for fear of sucking out his soul. Instead, Layla spends her after-school hours on the streets of Washington, D.C., marking demons so that Wardens can easily find and kill them later that night. However, Layla misidentifies a demon that turns on her, whereupon she meets Roth, who shows up to protect her. As an upper-level demon, Roth can’t be tagged and would prove a difficult target for the Wardens. However, Layla finds herself strongly attracted to him and reluctantly begins to trust him. It doesn’t hurt that Roth is a great kisser. Layla’s problem with divided loyalties doesn’t interfere with the stopping-Armageddon plot, and the narrative sizzles with as much tension as romance. Armentrout’s sophisticated, layered humor keeps the narrative bubbling all the way through, and she delivers a terrific character in Roth, the unrepentant demon. Of course, both Zayne and Roth fit the chiseled-abs, drop-dead-gorgeous mold, but this is a romance.

Totally entertaining. (Paranormal romance. 12 & up)