THE PRISM by Jennifer Lash


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Exquisitely controlled prose distinguishes this delicate and rare story of spiritual tensions and triumphs in man's relationship to God. Thrown together in the search for spiritual blessings are Isabella Barton, whose love for Dom Lucius Trahearne leads her to a fullness of belief, renewed love for her husband and son; Jonathan, struggling against the smothering love of his mother, finally destroyed by his self-involvement: Abbot Murray, ending his life in joy and peace; and Lucius Trahearne, whose trust and faith led him through the entangled emotions and passions of a woman's love. Through the action, taking place mainly at the Catholic community of Credon, there is a serene undercurrent of spiritual acceptance. A delicate and somewhat rarefied examination of belief and its variations and qualities revealed in individual human beings. Very special, and also remarkable in that the author was only 22 when this was completed.

Publisher: Doubleday