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A Creative, Visual Map for Success

by Jennifer Lee

Pub Date: Feb. 23rd, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-57731-944-3
Publisher: New World Library

Come equipped with scissors, glue sticks and markers for this unorthodox approach to small-business planning.

San Francisco Bay area-based life coach Lee’s debut aims to jumpstart a hemispheric revolution in readers’ heads. A refugee from the corporate world, the author provides a colorful and unusual guide to unleashing the powers of the right-brain, where nonlinear, artistic thinking resides. Without delving too much into neurology, Lee prescribes quasi-meditational brainstorms to help prospective business planners get in touch with their most creative and intuitive selves. She encourages readers to express the resulting visions through pictures and graphics snipped from magazines, glued onto poster boards and awash in boldly penned motivational messaging. Everything here is designed to spur right-brain directed action, and Lee treats the other essentials of business planning in the same manner. Her you-can-do-it writing style is sometimes cloying, though it’s in line with her joyful positivity and intention to live life in high definition. Everything fits nicely with her own small business, where clients pay for some of the very same information she’s included here.

While not likely to be a roadmap for Fortune 500 executives trapped in a left-brain dominated world, Lee’s book might be a lifeline for those with a dream and an entrepreneurial scheme but a phobia of conventional business planning.