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107 Tools

by Jennifer Zerling

Pub Date: Aug. 3rd, 2012
ISBN: 978-1466469907
Publisher: CreateSpace

A thorough guide to weight loss and wellness using the 107 tools provided by California fitness trainer Zerling.

Despite being an athlete and cheerleader, Zerling grew up on junk food in her childhood. She gradually switched her occupational goals from actress to fitness guru, and here, she maps out a strategy—including identifying obstacles to success—to shed unwanted pounds and reach optimum health via tools that encompass mind, body and spirit. Beginning with ways to “unclutter” one’s life, the author sets the inner and outer stage for each individual to focus and make a commitment to positive change and well-being. From cleaning the closet and car to practicing patience, yoga and meditation, the book provides ways to feel good internally, which can lead to a change in health in all areas of living. It covers the many psychological benefits of some relatively easy-to-accomplish actions, including keeping a pet, doing good deeds, having an “accountability” system, checking hormone levels, stocking the kitchen correctly and creating a weight-loss mastermind group. An advocate for overcoming childhood obesity, she underscores obesity’s association with many degenerative diseases, including hypertension, coronary artery disease, generalized atherosclerosis and strokes. Although much of the ground may have been covered in other holistic/health guides, Zerling structures her book in an easy-to-read, organized series of tools, labeled for easy reference. She shares recipes to make healthy eating more fun and includes sample affirmations, letters of intention and personal stories to aid in the journey of a “good loser.” The sheer breadth of the material provides something to motivate even the most recalcitrant binger. She also provides a range of options, depending on fitness level; a few suggestions are hilarious, particularly one that recommends taking a group to a theme park where two teams go on 10 rides and can add an extra challenge of “doing twenty five jumping jacks, push-ups, or squats in front of the operator at each ride.”

Breathes enthusiasm and inspiration into living healthier.