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A SPARK IN THE CINDERS by Jenny Elder Moke


by Jenny Elder Moke

Pub Date: June 6th, 2023
ISBN: 9781368039918
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

An adventure for those who haven’t yet found their fairy-tale ending.

Now that Cinderella has married the prince, her older stepsister, Aralyn, has been forced to take on the household chores. Cinderella, now going by Princess Ellarose, seeks out Aralyn, who has had the benefit of an extensive education, for assistance with troubling diplomatic matters. The two discover a royal coup is brewing. When Aralyn’s ambitious mother decides to cut her losses and take her younger daughter, Divya, to a neighboring kingdom in pursuit of a suitor, abandoned Aralyn makes a desperate wish and meets her own fairy godmother, Lyra. Tall, fur-clad, and purple-skinned, Lyra reveals the existence of an ancient fey weapon that may be powerful enough to save the kingdom and get Aralyn back in good social standing. Aralyn and Vee, Ellarose’s loyal knight, set off together to find the three scattered pieces of the weapon, traveling through the danger-filled Mortel Mountains, ominous Silent Forest, and the Impassable Sea. At first mutually antagonistic, the two young women realize their overly demanding, abusive parents have given them similar outlooks on life. The worldbuilding is so expanded that the story’s fairy-tale origins add little; still, this is an interesting journey of self-discovery with plenty of magic, action, an enemies-to-lovers romance, and a strongly developed theme of becoming your own person despite your origins. Main characters are cued White.

An entertaining jaunt.

(Fantasy. 13-18)