THE NEMESIS by Jenny Savage


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A melodramatic tale--grief-stricken mother of murder victim pledges to take revenge on killer--is considerably toned down and spruced up by a distancing, texturizing format: some months later, a woman crime reporter reconstructs the case. ""Now I think I know the truth,"" says the unnamed reporter. The truth, that is, about Eileen Denham--the young widow whose ten-year-old daughter is the third victim of a psychotic killer, who learns to shoot, who follows the police investigation moment by moment, whose unwavering determination to administer a private death penalty is ultimately thwarted by the self-sacrificing American cop (on loan to Scotland Yard) who has fallen in love with her. Told straight on, this might seem lurid or drippy; here, with the humor and side-stepping and hindsight of the oblique approach, it is thoroughly believable and often tinged with real pathos.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1978
Publisher: St. Martin's