THE WOLFSHEAD by Jere Wheelwright


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A successor and sequel to The Strong Room, this continues the adventures of John Aumarle, the Earl of Bristol, who had escaped from Bloody Mary Tudor to France. There he is contacted by young Arthur Feverel, also an outlaw and a wolfshead, whom he takes under his protection despite the suspicion and antagonism of his two closest advisers. In France Aumarle is approached by Henri II, the King, who enlists his support for Mary, Queen of Scots, but Aumarle, declaring his allegiance to Elizabeth, refuses. Sailing back to England, to Cornwall, Feverel marries his Bess Talbot who goes with them when they take to the high seas. And after many run-ins with Spanish galleons, gold and African slaves, Elizabeth is crowned and they are no longer outlawed... Subdued romantic interest for this particular type of fiction, and a pace often slowed down by the period parlance, but otherwise there is a satisfactory revival of the times, the exploits, to carry this to the historical novel reader.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1949
Publisher: Scribner