SIR THOMAS BROWNE by Jeremiah Finch


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A scholarly addition to the Life of Science Library this biography of the great physician, naturalist and writer is a stimulating grab bag of philosophical, literary and scientific material of the seventeenth century. Recognizing Browne's contribution to medicine in his active pursuit of experimental science in the face of restricting theological concepts, the author concentrates his attention upon the application of Browne's generous and tolerant mind to the religious and philosophical conflicts of the day, for in the magnificent Religion Medici Browne expressed a reconciliation between science and religion -- to ""unriddle the world"" yet keep in mind the wonder of the unseen. There is also a sensitive exposition of the Vulgar Errors and the Urn Burial The biographical material follows roughly the years of Browne's boyhood and early schooling at Oxford through travels in Europe to his death, including the years of his son's successful career in medicine. A dazzling amount of material make this study of a man and period a find for the student. Specialized market.

Publisher: Henry Schuman