THE PRISONER'S SON: Homage to Anthony Burgess by Jerome Gold

THE PRISONER'S SON: Homage to Anthony Burgess

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Sequel to The Inquisitor (1991): In this near-future, or alternate-world, Seattle--the Pacific and southwestern states having been sold to Mexico--Sam Brave hangs out with his fellow gangsters until two of them are murdered by unknown assailants. Sam lives, and sleeps, with Mary, his vanished father's lover; Mary also entertains Ramos, a cop who gives Sam odd assassination jobs to do. Sam and his surviving pal, Scut, carry out Ramos's latest assignment, arriving back only to find Mary dead and horribly mutilated. Sam is captured, while Scut is executed. Then he finds himself a prisoner of softhearted, incompetent terrorists whose avowed aim is to kill the ""governor."" Meanwhile, one of Sam's captors, D.C., tries to convert him to the cause, but Sam merely goes on despising them all. Soon, the police capture D.C., although the plot succeeds against all odds. Sam revenges himself upon his captors by raping and strangling one of their women members. Finally, he's brought before Ramos--the secret controller of the terrorists and the real author of the plan to kill the tyrannical governor. Quite unbelievably--since Sam now knows that Ramos also ordered Mary's death--Ramos gives him a gun to use in his next assignment. Predictably, Sam shoots Ramos. Fashionably gloomy, but it's all old hat--and nothing, but nothing, adds up.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1996
Page count: 194pp
Publisher: Black Heron