IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF: A Guide to Starting a Small Business and Running It Your Own Way by Jerome Goldstein

IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF: A Guide to Starting a Small Business and Running It Your Own Way

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No, not another guide to going-it-alone--but another book with examples of alternative-lifestyle ventures. Using ""alternative approaches"" to business, that is, not only involved with alternative goods and services. To Goldstein--whose magazine, In Business, serves this growing field--such ventures follow an inner logic, or ""entrepreneurial ecology,"" concerned with ""the personal relationship between the owner and the business, as well as with the relationship between the business and society and the physical environment."" Those for whom that holistic business philosophy has appeal will also find some interest, if little concrete help, in accounts of going ventures culled from the magazine. These range, among service establishments, from the Cunningham Farm Ski Touring Center, in western Massachusetts (cross-country skiing at close hand), to San Francisco's flourishing Just Desserts (founded on a favorite cheesecake recipe). The small-time manufacturers include the Animal Town Game Co., of Santa Barbara, whose conservation-minded offerings encourage cooperation, not competition (the only way to win Save the Whales, says the rulebook, ""is to save all eight whale species""). Craft shops give place, instructively, to Frederick, Md.'s multi-stall Craftworks (""All sales flow through the central register, and the Craftworks takes ten percent off the top of all receipts"") and Philadelphia's multi-shop South Street (a culture-and-commerce nexus triggered by a rep theater). Alternative technology ventures are represented--along with a few traditional ventures with a non-traditional twist. What's largely lacking are the basics of business operations. An inspirational sampler, then, to be supplemented by more solid fare.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1982
Publisher: Scribners