JOHN DEWEY by Jerome Nathanson


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One of two new volumes in the Twentieth Century Library which restates and examines some of the principle ideas of one of our greatest and most influential philosophers, in layman's language. Dewey's relentless attacks upon dualism of any kind, upon blinding dogmas, paralyzing cliches of ""thinking"", and his emphasis on a ""common sense"" derived from accumulated experience in the light of the scientific method of analysis, have vitalized many phases of thought and practical results in the fields of education, economics and aesthetics. Yet it is in his contribution to democratic thought and the integration of elements which further the ""democratic potentials in modern experience"" which is of vital importance today when the meaning of democracy must be kept under constant scrutiny. A fine appraisal of the work of John Dewey and its relation to current ideas and issues by an educator and leader in the Ethical Culture Society. Special for students, educators and sociologists.

ISBN: 1163810444
Publisher: Scribner