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DANIEL'S MUSIC by Jerome Preisler


One Family's Journey from Tragedy to Empowerment Through Faith, Medicine, and the Healing Power of Music

by Jerome Preisler

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62087-694-7
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

Just days from his 13th birthday, Daniel Trush suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage; this is the story of his miraculous recovery, recounted by Preisler (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Skin Deep, 2010, etc.) and the Trush family.

Three weeks after emergency surgery, Danny was still in a medically induced coma and dependent upon life support. At first, the odds that the boy would survive were slim. Though doctors performed surgery to deal with the multiple, previously undiscovered aneurysms, the brain damage was extensive. Danny’s father, Ken, spent every night at his son's bedside, singing along as a boom box played their favorite songs, but the boy's neural activity had virtually flat-lined. Doctors urged the family to pull the plug, but they refused, and their faith that he would recover was rewarded. On Easter Sunday, Ken was sitting on the end of his son's bed to make room for visitors. Suddenly, he felt a toe poke him. Turning to look at his son, he saw a faint smile on his face. During the next several days, there were more indications that Danny was becoming conscious and trying to communicate, but at first, doctors remained skeptical. The authors chronicle the process of Danny's yearlong rehabilitation in the hospital. Singing was part of the process. Despite problems with short-term memory and a paralyzed arm, Danny studied music theory and piano. He also completed the New York City marathon at a walking pace. Eventually, he and his family started a nonprofit music foundation to provide free music education for the disabled. In 2011, he led students in a Broadway performance sponsored by the New York Yankees. Later, they sang the National Anthem at Yankee Stadium before the game.

A riveting chronicle of stunning achievement against the odds.