YOUR DAUGHTER IRIS by Jerome Weldman


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Twenty three year old Iris, from Tremont Avenue, Bronx, N.Y., reports on her stay in England in letters to her mother, and graphs the course of a marital fever. Martin, who was the boy next door and now her husband, has been brought over to perform a rare heart operation on wealthy Pedwick's son. A delay moves them into Sir Taunton's house in Kent where Iris wins the omniscient Margaret, learns the efficacy of Lady Foote's cold remedy, and offers hospitality to David Trippe's guest from Scotland, appealing Kitty Priam. Martin's adaptability to English ways, his embarrassment at Iris' faux pas, and the revelation of Kitty's duplicity knock Iris off base but she fights back for a showdown -- which backfires and sends her away with David. This flare-up dies down fast and she returns to see Martin successful in his operation and ready to toss Kitty over for her. Some uncomfortable bruises for the Bronx girl exposed to an almost alien environment but if the set-up is prefabricated to fit the human values stay stable.Pop. stuff.

Pub Date: March 24th, 1955
Publisher: Doubleday