THE GALLIRAN WAY by Jeromy Ingalls


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To separate the wheat from the chaff, to isolate and describe what might be called the essence of the Christian religion is the ambitious purpose of this volume. With considerable usage of the resources of anthropology, sociology and history, the author of this book identifies a Christian viewpoint which outs all divisions in Chris and the of other religions; Judaism, Islam, and Christians"" or ""fill of the Gel ""Where she says, ""share, in general, four basis characteristics. They individuals irrespective of nation, religion and talent. They do not ask gratitude or resent ingratitude. They know that they themselves often make mistakes.... They regard the Christ as the sole convincing evidence that all human beings possess an essential dignity worthy of protection, patience and respect."" is essentially a liberal Christian creed upon which he feels all men of good will, (""open-world citizens"") can unite. There is much emphasis upon tolerance and upon self-realization through tapping the power that unavailable in the Divine Source. It is an interesting book which will appeal more to readers groping for a satisfying religious experience than to already convinced and committed Christians.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1953
Publisher: Longmans, Green