BEACH BOY by Jerrold Beim


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The second book for this 8 to 11 age level, the other being Across the Bridge (see 1951- P. 101)- and something of a disappointment. Where the earlier book handled Juvenile emotional problems perceptively, sympathetically, as integral to the story, this is a somewhat loosely constructed, diffuse episodic story of two families learning to live together through a seashore summer. Granted that it is a moot problem of today's overcrowding, the goals of better human relationships, young and old, are obscured. David and Paul, sons in the two families, become firm friends, through crabbing, board-walk-biking, and even through the solving of their spats and differences. Good yarning on the level of everyday normal events of a summer at the shore,- boating, swimming, beach life. Dependable characterization -- and a nice side bit in the friendship between David and the one-armed artist who teaches him the beauties of Bayberry's quiet places. Jerrold Beim couldn't write a mediocre book- but this is definitely undistinguished. And the text is further hampered by the groteaqueries of Lillian Freedman's awkward line sketches.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1952
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace