SWIMMING HOLE by Jerrold Belm
Kirkus Star


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Mr. Jerrold has a high batting average in writing easy-to-read, dramatically developed, real stories for the 4-8 group, and this is one of the best. Larry and his friends love to go to the swimming hole. One day on the way back from the swimming, diving and splashing, they discover that a new boy has moved to town, and are glad to have Steve come along the next time. But Steve sits alone out of the water because he can't swim, and also ties knots in Larry's and Bob's clothes, because, as he defends himself, he doesn't ""want to play with anyone who's colored"". Larry and his friends are ""good and mad"", and tell Steve to go away, but Steve hangs around (with a very sun-burnt skin) until he realizes that black or white skin makes no more difference than sunburn does. Larry and Steve become good friends and Larry teaches Steve how to swim. A straight-forward story with heady glimpses of a wonderful swimming hole plus a commonsense point of view concerning an important idea -- that feelings about skin color spoil the fun of playing together and lose friends.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1951
Publisher: Morrow